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4 Universities Joint International Conference (4UJIC)

Transportation-related researchers from four universities—the University of Calgary, the University of Seoul, Tongji University, and Kumamoto University—hold an annual joint conference. At the conference, researchers present their latest study results and exchange ideas on various transportation and urban-related research topics. The conference originated as a joint seminar between the University of Calgary and the University of Seoul, with Kumamoto University joining in 2010 and Tongji University following in 2014. Each university hosts the conference every four years. The 2024 conference in Kumamoto marked the 16th edition. Note that the conference is known by several names, including 4UJIC, 4UNIJC, 4Uni Conference, and 4UniC.

Our History
• 2025 (Tongji)
• May 2024 (Kumamoto)
• June 2023 (Seoul)
• Terminated by COVID-19
• Sep 2019 (Calgary)
• Aug 2018 (Tongji)
• Aug 2017 (Kumamoto)
• Aug 2016 (Seoul)
• Sep 2015 (Calgary)
• Aug 2014 (Tongji)
• Aug 2013 (Kumamoto)
• Aug 2012 (Seoul)
• July 2011 (Calgary)
• Aug 2010 (Kumamoto)
• Sep 2009 (Seoul)
• …

Recent conference
4 Universities Joint International Conference: Toward Carbon-Neutral Urban Mobility
(The 16th UC-US-TU-KU International Joint Seminar)

Dates: May 12-14, 2024
Place: Civic Auditorium Sears Home Yume Hall, Kumamoto, Japan
Program (link to the PDF file)

Selected Photos of the previous conferences

Aug 2010 in Kumamoto

July 2011 in Calgary

August 2013 in Kumamoto

August 2018 in Tongji

May 2024 in Kumamoto