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 “Hinokuni Saishiroku” are being built to record, organize and accumulate the damages, know-how obtained from the process of recovery and revival and lessons from 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake and to make efficient use of the digital archives for future revival supports and disaster education.

 A physicist, Torahiko TERADA, who studied at Fifth High School, the predecessor of Kumamoto University, left the words “natural disasters will occur when we forget”. We respect him and establish the Team TERADA (Team of Education and Research According Digital Archive). TERADA promotes each activities based on the following three policies.

1. Connect data and people

 The succession place of memory of Kumamoto Earthquake in Kumamoto University were extracted from questionnaire survey of students and considered setting of succession signboard linked to digital archive and practical use method. Also, the short film production is promoted for the succession of experiencing earthquake disaster behaviors to new students.

2. Connect what you were able to do and what you were not able to do

 Digital archives make possible to watch/look/listen photos, videos and sounds about disaster wherever they are and to maintain massive amount of data without consideration of deterioration. The way of data building are considered to gather and show the data not only immediately after the earthquake but also recovery and revival and the past disasters in Kumamoto, heavy rainfall disaster, storm surge disaster, volcanic disaster and so on.

3. Connect field and education

 Our laboratory shares the instances of practical use and data building of “Hinokuni Saishiroku” with Tohoku University and Harvard University that archive The Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 and Shinshu University that archive Kamishiro Fault Earthquake 2014 / Typhoon disaster 2019, works on collaboration and exchange of research and education based on using archive data and carries out development and verification of education programs.

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