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Center for Water Cycle Marine Environment and Disaster Management

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Research and education in the Disaster Mitigation Laboratory

Summary of our research

 Our laboratory is providing research and educational activities for wide-ranging disaster mitigation and risk reduction and making efforts to enable an early establishment of a disaster-mitigating society where flexible and rapid measures are available against disasters.

● Research and promotion of disaster management for natural and social infrastructure systems
 Covering research and development of technology in a wide range of fields, including natural sciences which elucidate changes in the natural environment and mechanisms of disaster, disaster management includes engineering of earthquake-resistant structures and construction against avalanches, and social sciences which improve disaster risk communication.
● Social skill implementation
 In order to introduce research outcome and develop cutting-edge technology designed to mitigate disasters in society at large, a prototype of disaster mitigation social system was developed and demonstrated.
● Education for disaster management
 Cooperating with other universities in the Kumamoto area, we will nurture leaders who, supported by basic knowledge, master professional education in a wide range of academic fields and can lead discussions joined by those having different opinions. As we provide diversified disaster management education by individual topography, geology, and society, we make educational programs and teaching materials with the cooperation of educational institutes including primary, junior, and senior high schools, municipalities, and voluntary organizations for disaster risk mitigation.
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