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 In our laboratory, we have researchers in the hydrogeologic field who analyze physical aspects of water such as flow rate, specialists who assess water environment, agricultural engineers who study the relationship between water and agriculture, sanitary engineers who study biological processes of water, and researchers who study the relationship between water and material circulations which leads to biological production.

 The water circulation system in Kumamoto is standing on the collaboration with surface water and groundwater flows from Mt. Aso to the Ariake Sea maintaining a fine balance with agricultural activities.

 The research on the groundwater circulation is promoted under the cooperation of researchers from various fields, expertise, and findings.

 Unlike surface water, we cannot see the flow, the amount, or changes in groundwater easily. Furthermore, it is not easy to collect groundwater to examine the quality. Digging wells is costly, so when we sample water, we cannot help but depend on the existing wells provided for drinking water, which are controlled by municipalities. That is to say, when we promote research of groundwater circulation, we need to acquire cooperation from municipalities and local citizens.

 We believe that our laboratory does not only contribute to academic fields, but we also make contributions to the local citizens and society. We believe such a contribution is one of our missions.

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research theme
  • The relationship between the characteristics of groundwater and water cycle system in Kumamoto
  • Evaluating the role of paddy field agriculture in Kumamoto to recharge groundwater
  • Circulation of elements and organic substances, and related primary production
Yasunori Kawagoshi

Yasunori Kawagoshi Professor


Water Environment

Tsugihiro Watanabe

Tsugihiro Watanabe Project Professor


Irrigation and Drainage Engineering

Hiroaki Ito

Hiroaki Ito Assistant Professor


Water Environment

Luong Van Duc

Luong Van Duc Research Assistant


Environmental Engineering