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Contents of Education and Research

Analysis of Bioresources and Biodiversity

The aims of our laboratory are to study biodiversity, ecosystems, sustainable utilization of marine bioresources through ecological studies on benthic animals in tidal flat and shallow sea.

We especially focus on the habitat utilization and life history of crustaceans, mollusks and amphioxus, which is the most fundamental information for understanding biodiversity and ecosystems. Behavioral studies are also conducted mainly on ocypodid crabs and hermit crabs in tidal flat and rocky shores.

For sustainable utilization of marine bioresources and conservation of salt marsh and tidal flat, we study mainly the ecology of mallusks as indicator species, eg. Hamaguri clams.

Conservation and Developments of Natural Resources

Our research interest is the molecular mechanism of responses to environmental stresses in marine plants including the red alga, Porphyra yezoensis. P. yezoensis is used for layer farming, which is an important fishery cultivation industry in Japan. The color of laver is the important factor that decides the commercial value. However, decrease in nutrient level of seawater caused by red-tide and high seawater temperature by global warming have frequently induced laver bleaching. We are studying the molecular mechanism of nutrient-deficiency induced bleaching in P. yezoensis.

Hydro- and Geosphere Environments

The distribution and diversity of animals and plants are subject to the environment in the coastal region. Main purpose of our studies is to analyze the interaction among different environments in the atmosphere, water and sediment. These studies will lead to new projects in our education and research, and help us understand the issues related to the maintenance, disaster prevention and practical use to keep the harmonious environments in the coastal region.

Planning for Construction of Desirable Co-Existence Society between Nature and Humans

In order to shape sustainable societies in harmony with natural environments, we are analyzing regional characteristics and essences by collecting information on Nature, History, Culture, Society and Economy of target regions with questionnaire surveys. Our missions are also to assess environmental values , to make policy recommendations aimed at environmental reforms, and to perform activities in cooperation with residents and regional government for disaster-resistant and environmentally friendly societies.

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